Casaprog is working at a project called CDVO that consists in the management of Mediums(CDs,DVDs,O-Books,Books)

1. The first point of this Software is the registration of Medium:Before we add a medium, we should verify that,there is no one with the same characteristics.Except the ID, because it should be increasingly given from our system.
2. Loan Medium: Only a registered medium can be loaned.
s 3. Return Medium: Only a loaned medium can be returned.Otherwise mistake.
4. Deletion of Medium:A loaned bok can't be deleted.
5. Listmedium: There is a list of all mediums and loaned mediums should be noticed.
6. Modify: All mediums could be modified.Except of the ID.
7. Status: Say if mediums are borrowed, available or lost.
There should be a connection between the mediums, their users,their adresses,borrowing and our system.

This project should be finished in October 2006.

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