Casaprog is a meeting, an assembly of people coming from Cameroon, living in Germany and studying computers in the beautiful city of Siegen. Casaprog comes from the difficulties of his members with Computers.
Casaprog's members are able all difficult questions to answer about computers.
In Casaprog we are not only helping students, we are also working on a project Software "Medium Management". This project prepare new students to the next practical training and help olds to practise. Since the 01.July 2006 the meeting take place every two weeks.
The CDVO project should be finished on October 2006. That is why we should work very hard and quickly

List of Casaprog's members:
  • Septime Wanmeni
  • Alain Fonkeu
  • Demostene Yopa
  • Davy Tatkeu
  • William Foda
  • Bertrand Chuisse
  • Narcisse Njoya
  • Joel Tsannang
  • Rodrigue Kelen-Yo
  • Annie Ngassa
  • Alexis Ningahi

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